Major Types of Editing

There are various types of editing that are done by an editor, an author or a professional writer.  These types of editing are aimed at improving and adjusting the quality of the content in a script or a book. Developmental editing is one of the most common form of editing that is done in the writing industry. This method is also referred as substantive editing and it involves evaluation of the whole content in a script or book and problems that need adjustment to improve the quality of the manuscript. Such problems include the organization of the script, the structure of the script, coherence and also the logical consistency of the script. Click here for more info. This may involve rewriting, expansion of sentences and also moving of paragraphs from one page to the other.
Copy editing is another major type of script editing and it involves the correction of grammar mistakes, enhancement of the style, eradicating repetition, the way words are used I a certain context and lastly jargon. Proofreading is a major form of text editing and it is very common in the editing works. However, proofreading may not be as complex as the other forms of editing like developmental editing and copy editing. Proofreading actually aims at removing the minor mistakes and errors in a text or paragraph. These minor mistakes include the mistakes made in punctuation and capitalization, grammar and style errors and finally spelling mistakes and the wording errors like the choice of words. Proofreading is not a not much substantive and may require a very short period of time to correct all the mistakes in a text compared to the other more complex types of editing.
Formatting is a popular method of editing and it is done to ensure that the text or the paragraphs meet the required format. Click homepage to get more info. Depending on the type of text or paragraph such as in poetry, the editor ensures that the formatting of the entire text is appropriately done and this includes the distribution of words and paragraphs. Reference and literature citation editing is common for more complex type of documents such as research texts and it is seeks to ensure that the citations made in the text also appear on the reference and the citation list. According to the requirements of the specific journal, an editor also ensures that the format of the citations is also appropriately done. Other document editing such as tables and figures also require editing and the editor aims at making the information displayed here is clear. Learn more from
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